Ashland (OH) Municipal Court

1209 East Main Street, P.O. Box 385, Ashland, OH 44805

Phone: (419) 289-8137 • Fax: (419) 289-8545


Probation Department Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 12:00PM
1:00PM - 4:00PM

Phone: (419) 281-2586
Fax: (419) 282-9772

Chief Probation Officer
Shannon Snyder, Option 1

Probation Officers
Robert Fulmer, Option 3
Donald Garrison, Option 4
Cody Price, Option 2

Intensive Probation Officer
Dan Mager
Phone: (419) 282-6100
Fax: (419) 282-6300

Please Note: If you are on probation, your use of these contacts does not constitute a probation appointment.

Probation Department

DISCLAIMER: The following is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to give legal advice, nor is it intended to be an exhaustive list of all legal and procedural matters and requirements for being on probation through the Ashland Municipal Court. Court employees cannot give you legal advice. If you have any legal questions about probation, then you should contact an attorney.

If you need help finding legal assistance or legal information, please contact the following organizations:

  • Ashland County Bar Association (external link): The Ashland County Bar Association's website lists all attorneys that are currently members of the Ashland County Bar Association, including office contact information and areas of practice.

  • Legal Aid of Western Ohio, Inc. (external link), (888) 534-1432: Legal Aid of Western Ohio, Inc. (LAWO) provides legal assistance in civil matters (i.e., matters involving housing; rights of spouses, parents, and children; healthcare and wills; Social Security and public benefits; bankruptcy and fair debt collection; and wages and benefits) to eligible low-income individuals and groups in Ashland County, Ohio.

  • Ashland County Law Library (external link), (419) 282-4219: The Ashland County Law Library provides legal reference services and information to the general public.

The Ashland Municipal Court Probation Department is located within the Ashland Justice Facility, adjacent to the Ashland Municipal Court at 1209 East Main Street, Ashland, OH, 44805. If you need to contact a probation officer in the Ashland Municipal Court Probation Department, please phone or email the probation officer during regular department hours.

Mission Statement

We, the probation officers and staff of the Ashland Municipal Court Probation Department, are a distinctive group of professionals committed to supporting and serving offenders, the court system, and our growing community. We provide effective service to meet the needs of those we serve, as well as strive to achieve the goal of offender rehabilititation. We serve the community and the justice system in a responsible and compassionate manner.

Functions and Supervision

A criminal/traffic defendant in the Ashland Municipal Court who is found guilty of a first, second, third, or fourth degree misdemeanor will often be referred to the Probation Department for a presentence interview and report. The presentence interview will typically be scheduled approximately one (1) week after the date of the defendant's plea or trial, and it will take place prior to the defendant's sentencing hearing.

The Probation Department monitors probationers by using the following tier system of basic supervision:

  • Tier I requires the probationer to physically report to the Probation Department on a monthly basis.

  • Tier II requires the probationer to call into the Probation Department on a monthly basis.

These supervision tiers are assigned by the Court at the time of sentencing, but a probationer's tier may be adjusted as warranted throughout the probationary period. The Probation Department monitors the probationer's compliance with Court ordered counseling, treatment, Community Work Service, and alcohol/drug testing, as well as the probationer's general compliance in refraining from engaging in any further criminal activities. A probationer's failure to comply with Court ordered counseling, treatment, Community Work Service, or alcohol/drug testing, as well as a probationer's engagement in additional criminal activities, can result in the probationer's arrest. A probationer is subject to arrest by the Probation Department without a warrant at any time during his/her probationary period.