Ashland (OH) Municipal Court

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Criminal/Traffic Division Online Payments

Please read all of the following information prior to proceeding to the Court's online payment system; a link to the Court's online payment system can be found at the bottom of this page.

For your convenience, the Ashland Municipal Court has created an e-payment service that allows you to pay your criminal/traffic fines and costs through a secure, online server using your credit card. Typically, you may pay your criminal/traffic fines and costs online only if your criminal/traffic citation does not require a court appearance and you are paying your fines and costs in full; however, if you have already appeared in court on an existing case and you have established a payment with the court for a balance still due, you may also pay your criminal/traffic fines and costs online. If you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest, then you will not be able to pay your criminal/traffic fines and costs online.  Please contact the Criminal/Traffic Division of the Ashland Municipal Court, (419) 289-8137, for additional information concerning your warrant and potential payment options.

Please note that it may take several days before your citation is entered into the Court's system; if your criminal/traffic citation does not appear online within five (5) days of your receipt of the citation, then please contact the Criminal/Traffic Division for additional information regarding your citation and your fines and costs.

Proof of Insurance

If you did not do so at the time you received your citation, be sure to show proof of insurance. If you are an Ohio resident, and if you are charged with a moving violation, the law requires you to provide proof that the vehicle you were driving as of the date and time of your offense is insured.  If your ticket does not have a YES or N/A marked that Proof of Financial Responsibility was shown, you will need to provide this within three business days of paying your ticket to avoid having your license suspended by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Please check with the owner’s auto insurance company to verify the automobile was covered.  If you fail to provide this information, the BMV will impose a license suspension, and notify you of that fact by mail at the address in their data base.

You may fax a copy of the Proof Of Insurance to the court at 419-289-8545. If you have questions, please call 419-289-8137.

Note:  If you have other court appearances or requirements associated with your case, you must complete those requirements prior to your case being finished with this court.

Blocked or Suspended License

If you have a block or suspension on your license, you can obtain a release at the Clerk’s Office once payment has been processed and your case is finished.  You can take the release to one of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles’ regional offices, along with any costs owed to them, to hasten the removal of the block or suspension from your license.


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