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DISCLAIMER: The following is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to give legal advice, nor is it intended to be an exhaustive list of all legal and procedural matters and requirements for filing documents in the Ashland Municipal Court. Court employees cannot give you legal advice. If you have any legal questions, then you should contact an attorney.

If you need help finding legal assistance or legal information, please contact the following organizations:

  • Ashland County Bar Association (external link): The Ashland County Bar Association's website lists all attorneys that are currently members of the Ashland County Bar Association, including office contact information and areas of practice.

  • Legal Aid of Western Ohio, Inc. (external link), (888) 534-1432: Legal Aid of Western Ohio, Inc. (LAWO) provides legal assistance in civil matters (i.e., matters involving housing; rights of spouses, parents, and children; healthcare and wills; Social Security and public benefits; bankruptcy and fair debt collection; and wages and benefits) to eligible low-income individuals and groups in Ashland County, Ohio.

  • Ashland County Law Library (external link), (419) 282-4219: The Ashland County Law Library provides legal reference services and information to the general public.

Below you will find forms that you may complete and file in the Ashland Municipal Court, as well as external links (i.e., websites that are not hosted by or affiliated with the Ashland Municipal Court) to other relevant legal resources. Please read all instructions provided on the forms, on any applicable "Court Services" pages of the Ashland Municipal Court website, and any applicable sections of federal, state, or local laws, prior to completing and filing any documents with the Court. Your failure to follow the provided instructions or applicable laws may result in a delay in the filing and processing of your documents by the Court and/or may result in your documents being rejected for filing by the Court.

Please note that the Ashland Municipal Court does not currently accept electronic filing of documents online, by email, or by fax. Any documents intended for filing that are submitted by email or fax will be rejected for filing by the Court.

Criminal/Traffic Division Resources

Bond and Waiver Schedules

Seal and Expunge Criminal Record (Expungement)

Criminal/Traffic Statutes, Ordinances, Rules, and Local Rules of Court

Civil and Small Claims Division Resources

Civil Actions (General)

  • Answer (Fillable PDF) (last revised: 10/24/16)

  • Counterclaim (Fillable PDF) (coming soon!)

  • Crossclaim (Fillable PDF) (coming soon!)

  • Third Party Complaint (Fillable PDF) (coming soon!)

Forcible Entry and Detainer (FED)/Eviction

Small Claims

Judgment Debtor Examination/Disclosure Form

Wage Garnishment

Affidavit of Current Balance Due (Wage Garnishment)

Bank Attachment ("Other Than Wage" or "OTW" Garnishment)

Certificates of Judgment (Judgment Lien/Driver's License Suspension)


  • Trusteeship forms coming soon!

Civil and Small Claims Statutes, Ordinances, Rules, and Local Rules of Court

Probation Resources

Juror Resources

Annual Reports and Financial Statements